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Food, Table and Your Etiquette

Food, Table and Your Etiquette

By trudie on April 21, 2019 in Food

When it comes to dining manners, there is no doubt that in Australians, we are not doing that bad. With our culinary industry being one of the most vibrant globally, we are rated among the best when it comes to dining etiquette. However, most of us practice them in restaurants and hour homes. In fact, we mostly throw all table manners when it comes to dining as a family. Do you really use folks to tear the chicken when eating at home? Not really, bare hands do it better and faster.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the bad eating habits we usually notice while dining as a family and what we usually do during diners that makes more fun than eating out.

Here are 9 bad dining habits that we cannot avoid when dining as a family as they give lots of fun

1.   Talking During Dining

Unlike the formal dining where you don’t talk while eating, it is not the same case with dining as a family. In most cases, it is during dining time that members of the family have an opportunity to catch up on what has been happening. It is also during dinner that everyone is around the table and hence the perfect time talk about various issues. In fact, it is only during meals that all members of the family are doing the same thing. Probably after that, everyone goes to their room to do their thing. That’s why we talk a lot while eating.

2.   Intense Arguments

Have you ever noticed that it is during dining that most families argue? Well, that is a very common thing for almost every family. We argue as we eat. The kind of argument could vary from a humorous argument where members are discussing funny topics as well as heated arguments that raise emotions. Considering the cardinal rule of dining is that you don’t talk while eating, this is definitely a bad habit. However, we like it, and that is what makes home dinners fun.

3.   Avoiding Annoying Cutlery

family diningWe all agree that some of the cutlery tools we use in restaurants are just annoying. Most of us still struggle to use them, and there are some we can’t tell their use even after dining out for years. That is why home is always the best place to go ‘natural’ and just have fun doing what easy and fast. Why would you struggle with knives and folks to eat a chicken steak when you can suck the juice better when tearing it with bare hands? These just some of the things that make dining at home fun.

4.   Eating Faster

Some people would call it ‘eating like a hungry animal,’ but that is something that we love doing. Anyway, what do you do when you are late for something, and you need to finish your dinner fast? However, that is something that you cannot do in a restaurant with people looking at you. But at home, no one really minds how fast you eat. You can eat as fast as you can or take large mouthful as you wish and no one will really care. That is the beauty of eating with the family at home. I like calling freedom to be just you.

5.   Talking While Chewing Or With Open Mouth

Talking while chewing is could be the highest level of bad manners, but when eating as a family, this happens often. No one will approve it, but we all know that sometimes, we cannot help but do it. It usually happens when we are in the middle of a funny conversation, and everyone wants their contributions heard. The good thing is that when with family, no one is there to judge you but just make fun of you.

6.   Always Checking Devices

Have you observed that gadgets have slowly crept onto the dining table? Today, almost every member of the family comes with a device to a dining table. With most of us being social media addicts, we cannot afford to leave our smartphones and other devices to the table. In fact, you will find that someone forgetting that they are taking a meal as they chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platform. This is definitely not a good experience for any family that is purporting to bond by eating at home.

7.   Turn Dining Table into a Gossip Centre

Most of the home ‘gossip’ happens around the dining table. That is when all the juicy stories are told, and you will find many families very happy, and most of them laughing loud. If you are practicing the so-called dining table manners, then you know very that this is not allowed when dining. Imagine being on a date, and you do this? Well, that is something that you only enjoy when it comes to dining at home.

dining table as a gossip place

8.   Eat off other People’s Plates

When you have got kids, eating other people’s food is a common thing when dining as a family. We love picking meat pieces from other people plates, and that’s a common thing. But that is not allowed if you are practicing good etiquette. But it is one of the bad manners we love practicing as a family, and it’s more of a game. In fact, you need to be alert to ‘defend’ you plate, which makes dining fun.

9.   Leaving The Table Without An Excuse

If you are dining with someone, you must say “excuse me, please” when you are leaving the table. It could be just a show of good manners, but that rule rarely applies when we dine as a family. If you want to leave, you just wake up. No one really will even care unless you have guests in the house. But if it is just the family members, you can leave as you wish.

These are just a few of the “bad manners” that we love when dining as a family. That is what makes dining as family fun, and no one really complains about it. However, when we have guests in the, we do our best to uphold the ‘good manners’ and all dining etiquettes as required.

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