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Which Moringa Supplement To Take: Moringa Tea, Oil, Or Capsules?

Which Moringa Supplement To Take: Moringa Tea, Oil, Or Capsules?

By trudie on January 9, 2021 in Lifestyle

When it comes to superfoods, moringa stands among the top on the list. Native to Asia, Latin America, and Africa, the moringa tree is known for its numerous health benefits. There are many types of moringa supplements you can take, but tea, oil, and capsules are the main ones.

Most people are caught at a crossroads when selecting between the three options. So, which one among the three supplements should you take? Well, we are providing some insight into this question in this article.
But before we go into selecting, let’s first look at the differences between these supplements. Here are major things that distinguish them:

moringa leaves

Difference Between Moringa Tea, Oil, And Capsules

There are several factors that distinguish the three types of moringa supplements. But the most notable is the form of extraction. For the moringa oil, it is extracted from the moringa seed using the cold press method. So, you might miss some of the moringa benefits found in the tree leaves and roots. Moringa oils are widely used for treating and nourishing the skin.

For the moringa tea, it is made from moringa powder or ground leaves. You can also make the tea from fresh leaves if you have a tree near you. The latter is said to be the most nutritious. Lastly, moringa capsules are made from moringa powder from the leaves, roots, or fruits. These are the main differences between these three types of moringa supplements.

Choosing Between Moringa Tea, Oil, And Capsules

Several factors should be considered when choosing between moringa tea, oil, and capsules. You need to know how effective the supplement you are selecting is. Find out whether they can produce the desired results. Here are some of the key factors to consider.

1. Nutritional Richness

Although moringa is a nutritional powerhouse, the leaves are the most nutritious part of the tree. If you are taking moringa capsules from the roots or stem, the nutritional value may be a bit lower than leaf powder. So, the nutritional value of the supplement matters the most.

For example, a pure moringa oil made from the seeds could be less nutritious without adding leaves element. So, before choosing the supplement, you need to check the type and amount of nutrients it offers. For example, you might find out that oil has the highest number of nutrients that you are looking for.

young moringa leaves

2. Mode of Administration

How you want to take your moringa supplement is another crucial factor when choosing. There are instances when making moringa tea is almost impossible. Imagine going for a hike, and you want to continue taking moringa supplements? In such cases, a capsule would be the ideal option.

So, depending on the circumstance, you might need a supplement that fits the environment. If you need moringa to treat a skin problem, then tea and capsules will not work. You need oil for maximum benefits. Therefore, the application is an important factor when selecting from the three varieties.

3. Freshness of Moringa

The other factor that’s likely to determine whether it’s moringa tea, oil, or capsules is the supplement’s freshness. The fresher the supplement, the higher is the health benefits it offers. For example, moringa oil cannot be fresher than the tea made from fresh leaves.

If you are looking to take moringa in its freshest form, then tea from fresh or ground leaves would be the perfect option. Capsules or oil may have been packaged a couple of years before you buy it. Therefore, you cannot expect to get fresh nutrients out of them.

4. Convenience

Selecting between the various types of moringa supplements may be determined by their convenience. As mentioned earlier, some environments make use of certain moringa products almost impossible. A good example is when you are taking a boat ride for a whole day. If you don’t have a fire to boil water, making tea will be impossible.

So, if you are looking for convenience, then go for capsules when boating or hiking. But when at home, a moringa tea will be a perfect option. So, the ease of use of the supplement is a crucial factor to consider when selecting. Look for what works best for you in certain conditions.

moringa supplements in capsules and tea

5. Purity of Supplement

The purity of the supplement is another essential factor to consider. To get the most out of the plant, you should get it in its purest form. But with processed products like capsules and oil, you can’t get 100% natural moringa benefits because of additives and preservatives.

Note that the processed moringa products are usually added additives for unique smell and colour. Preservatives may also be used to extend their lifespan on the shelves. But making a homemade tea from fresh and ground leaves gives almost 100% moringa benefits.

Choosing between moringa tea, oil, and capsules can be a bit tricky. Find an option that offers the most health benefits. You also need to look for other factors like administration and convenience in use are. So, don’t just pick what’s available but what works for you the best.

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